Swimmer Delivery

Swimmer Delivery

Swimmer Delivery


SEAL Pod vehicles primarily exist to facilitate the insertion and extraction of Special Operations forces and equipment. In this role, their use allows for greater stand-off from surface ships and submarines.

The vehicles have further application in the maritime littoral space. These include specialist maritime operations, mine countermeasures, counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, counter-piracy and maritime protection operations.

SEAL Pod vehicles are surface or subsurface craft, each optimised for a particular deployment method or mission profile.

Development, testing and trials have taken place in the Stockholm archipelago, the Baltic Sea, Portland Harbour and the waters off the west coast of Scotland.

James Fisher Defence has over 30 years’ experience of operating safely subsea.

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In 2015 James Fisher Defence and Divex merged to form JFD.

Today, JFD serves customers in 81 countries across six continents.

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