Priz Rescue

Priz Rescue


Mobilisation from Scotland

In 2005, equipment and personnel from James Fisher Defence were flown to the Kamchatka Peninsula off the east coast of Russia to rescue seven Submariners from the stricken AS-28 Priz.

Designed to be rapidly deployed, the Scorpio Remotely Operated Vehicle was packaged and flown to Kamchatka on-board a Royal Air Force C17 from Prestwick Airport. priz


Arrival in Kamchatka

Upon landing in Kamchatka, JFD and ground crews from Russia and the United States Air Force began the transfer of Scorpio onto a lorry bound for the coast.

Following the identification of a suitable Vessel of Opportunity (VOO), JFD worked alongside the Russian crews to mobilise the Scorpio assets onto ship before sailing to the known position of the AS-28 Priz.

JFD and Russian crews worked tirelessly to ensure a stable platform from which to operate Scorpio. JFD’s teams worked to ensure Scorpio was prepared and ready for the operation ahead.



Conditions onboard the stricken Priz, which remained entangled in a discarded fishing net, were stable and although the crew had limited supplies of Oxygen, their training had taught them how best to conserve their supply of air along with the water and food rations they kept for such an emergency.

Once in the water Scorpio, piloted by JFD Pilot Stuart Gold, began her mission of cutting free the nets entangling the Priz, one by one; a process ultimately leading to success and the safe return of the crew.

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In 2015 James Fisher Defence and Divex merged to form JFD.

Today, JFD serves customers in 81 countries across six continents.

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