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Kirby Morgan Band Masks & Helmets

Posted by Grahamne Muir

  • 27th October 2015
  • Helmets
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Over the years Kirby Morgan has designed many types of diving helmets and masks, with many of the early models still in use in diving operations around the world today.

Kirby Morgan is a name that has become synonymous with quality and cutting-edge design as they continue to lead the market in diving helmet design and production. 

For further information on Kirby Morgan please refer to their website at

Images of Kirby Morgan Helmet or Masks are registered trademarks of Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc.
Used with permission.

HCU-ER Hyperbaric Conditioning Unit – External Regeneration

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Within a Saturation Diving Complex it is necessary to condition the internal atmosphere to maintain a habitable environment. This is achieved by the use of a Habitat Conditioning Unit (HCU) which extracts the gaseous atmosphere, dehumidifies it, removes CO2 and reheats the gas on its return to the chamber complex.

Conditioning units are commonly installed within the chamber, inconveniencing the divers with the continuous hum of the blower and the need to frequently change out chemical absorbent. External Regeneration (ER) systems provide increased diver comfort and effective use of support personnel.

Workboots MKII, Heavy Duty

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Divex Heavy Duty Workboots improve diver safety and extend the working life of all types of diving suit, even in the roughest working conditions, by protecting the lower extremities from sharp and abrasive materials and from impacts.

Fitted with eyelets and low friction rope. Toe is further reinforced with an extra thick rubber strip. Thick sole with light ridged pattern.

They are designed to fit over drysuits and improves diver safety and extends the life of diving suits.

The boots come with optional insoles and are NATO codified.

WHE-3, Kinergetics Water Heater Electric with Remote Control

Posted by Grahamne Muir

The Divex Water Heater Electric (WHE-3), has been designed and manufactured for use in professional diving systems. The WHE-3 with Remote Control additionally allows the remote fine control of the outlet water temperature. It allows operator manipulation of the temperature set point on the WHE-3 unit from a remote location, usually dive control, through the use of a remote control panel hard wired to the main WHE-3 unit.

The system will control the heating of seawater within an inlet-to-outlet temperature rise range of 0 to 50ºC (32 to 122ºF) with fine selectable remote control. The system incorporates a positive displacement pump, electric heaters and all electrical controls necessary to provide a complete water heating system for deep diving.

WHE-3, Kinergetics Water Heater Electric

Posted by Grahamne Muir

The Kinergetics Water Electric Power Heater WHE-3 offers inexpensive automatically controlled heated water for divers, bell and chamber.

It supplies a flow up to 45 litres per minute of heated water. This water is controlled to within 1oC of any desired temperature set between 43oC and 60oC.

Temperature and pressure indicators are provided. The high output pressure of up to 68 Bar allows the use of a small diameter hose. There is a simplified hook-up method of plumbing and electrical input power.

Divex Wetsuits

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Divex Wetsuits are made from flexible neoprene of 6mm thickness, butt glued and blind stitched on both sides which minimises water seepage.

The Divex wetsuit range comprises:

  • Wetsuit Jacket
  • Wetsuit Longjohns
  • Wetsuit Trousers

Stock suits are supplied with a black outer lining and a red inner lining.

Divex Wetsuits come in a variety of combinations and are top quality and comfortable to wear.

Welding Rigs

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Divex underwater welding rigs are made and assembled from quality materials with all items required to simply connect to topside generators / battery supplies and weld rod holders.

The Divex welding rig comprises 50mm earth and power cables fitted with connection lugs and screw-on earth clamp and an 8mm polypropylene rope strain / lifting line.

Due to the power loss over longer lengths, the cable size is increased to 70mm on the 150 and 200 metre assemblies.

Before leaving the Divex workshop, each cutting umbilical is tested for electrical continuity.

The welding rigs are supplied with all relevant fittings and connectors. All welding rigs are tested prior to delivery.

Underwear, Divex ThinSox

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Divex ThinSox are made with the same material as Thinbears – polyester lining and Thinsulate. The only exception is the outer layer which is 40oz nylon. They are low in bulk (volume) but high in warmth.

Underwear, Divex ThinBear

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Divex ThinBears use the remarkable properties of Thinsulate to provide a superb level of insulation making it ideal for drysuit diving wear.

Divex ThinBears comprise three very special layers:

  • Teflon coated Pertex as the outer splashproof layer
  • Thinsulate CS200 as the insulation layer
  • Single sided polyester fleece lining for that constant warm feeling comfort

Divex ThinBears provide superb level of insulation and the thinsulate will retain a high level of insulation even when wet.

The items are CE certified and comfortable with a fleece lining and splashproof outer layer.

Underwear, Divex SuperSox

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Divex SuperSox are not simply extensions of the suit because the feet have totally different requirements. As a far thicker insulation factor is required.

Divex addressed the same problem when making the MkIV Diving Bell Survival Suit for trial at 45msw in Heliox (a rough surface air equivalent to the temperature problem to be overcome at this depth is minus 150 degrees centigrade).

The SuperSox are replicas of the sox part of this successful system.

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In 2015 James Fisher Defence and Divex merged to form JFD.

Today, JFD serves customers in 81 countries across six continents.

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