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Gauge, Submersible Miniature Caisson

Posted by Grahamne Muir

The Submersible Miniature Caisson Gauge is engineered to withstand aggressive environments whilst delivering readings accurate to within 1%.

Housed in an all brass casing, 63mm diameter, these gauges are specifically designed for clamp ring, panel mounting on the outside or inside of diving bells for on-board gas management.

They are also suitable for use inside air or saturation chambers for measuring true storage cylinder or gas supply pressure regardless of ambient changes.

Available in various ranges from 6 Bar to 400 Bar.

They are suitable up to 450 metres water depth, are oxygen cleaned as standard, extremely robust and accurate to 1%.

Gauge, Divex Pneumo

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Pneumo Gauges are available in 6″, 81/2″ and 12″ diameters with depth ranges as standard stock items up to 2,000ft/600m sea water. A wide selection of single or dual scale ranges are available within the basic price (refer to the order codes below). These units can be recalibrated on-site with standard equipment.

Gauge, Divex Deep Contents

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Specially designed pressure resistant contents gauge suitable for mixed gas diving to 400 metres. The gauge, which is 45mm in diameter and has a range of 0-450 Bar, is in use with most of the worlds leading saturation diving companies.

Gauge, Divex Caisson

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Divex Caisson Gauges register ambient pressure against a known reference pressure (usually surface) to monitor diving chamber pressure internally.

Manufactured in-house, this Sealed Environment Caisson (SEC) is designed to meet the most demanding of diving applications – on board diving bells and chambers.

Available in 6” and 8.5” diameters with ranges as standard stock items up to 2000 ft / 600 mtr, and with accuracy to 0.25%.

In addition the case components are made of ABS plastic which, unlike more traditional metal die castings, are completely immune to the marine environment.

Gauge, Dive Dynamics Contents

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Dive Dynamics Contents Gauge: A time-proven and robust 0-450 Bar large scale contents gauge with luminous face and 0-50 Bar orange coloured ‘low contents’ zone. This economic product is supplied complete with gauge protector cover (with lanyard hole), swivel fitting at the gauge-to-hose connection, a 31”/790mm rubber hose with a 7/16” UNF ‘O’ ring regulator fitting (with flow restrictor). Rated to 50 msw.

Divex Deep Contents Gauge: A unique specially designed pressure resistant case and lens makes this gauge suitable for  mixed-gas diving – other manufacturer’s contents gauges are only rated for use in the air range (up to 50 msw/165 fsw). The gauge is 45 mm wide, ranging to 0-450 Bar with a red 50 Bar ‘low contents’ zone on the luminous dial.

The Divex Deep Contents Gauge is in use by most of the world’s leading saturation diving companies. For economy reasons the assemblies are sold separately, allowing for spares support. The HP hose (order code PO30870) is 32”/810mm in length, fitted with a hose protector at both ends and has the standard 7/16” UNF male ‘O’ ring fitting at the regulator.

Gauge, Depth

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Professional 80M Depth Gauge

A 0-80m wrist depth gauges for use by Search & Rescue divers and scuba professionals.  The luminous gauge face is clearly marked in 1 metre divisions in the shallow depth range.  The gauge also features a maximum depth indicator for confirmation for decompression purposes.

Gauge, Cylinder Test

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Divex offer a complete range of cylinder test gauges, both in International A-Clamp or 5/8”DIN, 200 or 300 bar working pressure.

Christo-Lube Oxygen Compatible Lubricant

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Christo-Lube III is for the lubrication of all breathing apparatus, pressure regulators and pure oxygen systems.
For many years the diving industry has used lubricants such as Krytox GPL 205 as the lubricant for its breathing systems.

However, verification testing indicated that limitations exist with these current lubricants. Due to the extremely low temperatures that are reached in the breathing apparatus under peak flow conditions, which have been calculated at lower than minus 50OC.

Most of the lubricants in common use provide acceptable performance down to – 30OC and so Divex has undertaken a review of the commonly available lubricants in order to identify a more suitable material. We considered products marketed under the trade names of Krytox, Christo-Lube, Fomblin and Halocarbon and in each case gave the original supplier a performance specification to quote against.


There is however, a conflict of requirements noted by all the manufacturers. In order to achieve the low temperature performance there is usually a sacrifice at higher temperatures, which is reflected in the higher volatility of the base oils from which the lubricant is formulated.
In order for the lubricated part to remain lubricated in service, it is desirable to have as wide an operating temperature range as possible so that it does not readily evaporate under high gas velocities.It is also desirable to have some dry film lubrication capability which is achieved by adding PTFE particles into the matrix.
Lubricants made under the name Krytox, Christo-Lube and Fomblin are generically the same, being perfluorinated polyethers. Halocarbon’s are polychlorotriflu-oroethylene.


More than one version of their lubricants were put forward for evaluation and samples were supplied for the most appropriate formulations. These were used in the unmanned verification of Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA) for practical evaluation.
All of the lubricants under review must be handled with care and not contaminated. As they all contain materials which breakdown to
form highly toxic substances at temperatures in excess of 300OC, they should not be heated or burnt. Christo-Lube, Krytox and Fomblin are compatible with the common rubbers and polymers used in UBA, However, Halocarbon is not recommended by the manufacturer for use with BUNA-S, silicone rubbers and natural rubbers. As these materials are frequently used in UBA for diaphragms and ‘O’ rings, Halocarbon is not recommended. All of the materials have a similar level of oxygen compatibility.
After studying the data given, it showed that the Christo-Lube MCG-III had the widest temperature range and the lowest evaporation
rate. The single grade meets three different categories of US MIL Spec and is also competitively priced.
From the review and tests conducted at Divex we have adopted and now recommendChristo-Lube MCG-III as the only grease for
use in breathing apparatus and associated pressure regulators.

Buddy Commando Jacket

Posted by Grahamne Muir

The Buddy Commando Buoyancy Jacket is the perfect, vertical, surface flotation combined with unsurpassed underwater buoyancy control is provided in a comfortable, easy to operate, buoyancy jacket. Aluminium emergency air cylinder mounted at the back with unique, easy to operate, on/off valve.

It has an emergency breathing mouthpiece and a large (50mm) quick release. The easy adjust buckles at the shoulders and waist allow for easy removal in and out of the water.

There are two over-pressure/dump valves – one on the shoulder and one at the lower back – for easy dumping of air, no matter what the in-water position.

The Jacket has two Accessory D-Rings on the chest and two large D-Rings on shoulder straps and cummerbunds available.

The Buddy Commando Buoyancy Jacket comes in sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large.

With moulded back-pack with three carrying handles this jacket is very comfortable for the diver to wear.

The unique superior Kam band provides complete non-slip attachment for all single cylinder sizes and superb easy fit.

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In 2015 James Fisher Defence and Divex merged to form JFD.

Today, JFD serves customers in 81 countries across six continents.

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