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Kirby Morgan Band Masks & Helmets

Posted by Grahamne Muir

  • 27th October 2015
  • Helmets
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Over the years Kirby Morgan has designed many types of diving helmets and masks, with many of the early models still in use in diving operations around the world today.

Kirby Morgan is a name that has become synonymous with quality and cutting-edge design as they continue to lead the market in diving helmet design and production. 

For further information on Kirby Morgan please refer to their website at

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Kirby Morgan, Welding Lens Assembly

Posted by Grahamne Muir

  • 22nd September 2015
  • Helmets
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Kirby Morgan, Regulator Adjustment Tool Kit

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Regulator Adjustment Tool Kit: The Tool Kit is available for setting up and adjusting the regulator on your SuperLite®-17, SuperLite®-27 helmet KMB-18 and KMB-28 BandMask® for maximum performance.

Kirby Morgan 37 Helmet

Posted by Grahamne Muir

The KMB37 Helmet continues the Kirby Morgan tradition of providing the high quality and superior performance that divers have come to expect.

Featuring the new Tri-Valve exhaust system, the KMB37 has less breathing resistance than older single valve exhausts while providing an extremely dry hat.

The KMB37 is commercial rated and has been tested and certified to meet requirements for all governing agencies.

  • Advanced design features
  • Tri-Valve exhaust system
  • Improved breathing performance

Kirby Morgan, Helmet/Mask Carrying Bag

Posted by Grahamne Muir

Helmet/Mask Carrying Bag: To protect your Kirby Morgan® Helmet or Band Mask®, the KMDSI helmet/mask carrying bag should be used when transporting or storing your helmet between jobs. The DSI ® bag is made from extra heavy duty, black, ripstop nylon. The bottom of the bag is padded for additional protection. Grommeted drain holes allow the bag to breath. The bag is also equipped wi

Kirby Morgan Superlite 27B Helmet

Posted by Grahamne Muir

The SuperLite 27B is the product of years of research and testing. Its design gives the working diver a reliable and extremely comfortable helmet.

Constant research and monitoring of the industry’s needs have helped Kirby Morgan develop products that make the commercial diver’s job safer, easier and more productive. Following in this tradition of helmet design is the fully tested Kirby Morgan SuperLite 27B  diving helmet.

The SuperFlow 350 regulator used on the SuperLite 27B provides outstanding performance. It features a diver adjustable system so that the regulator can be “tuned” during the dive according to your workload. This adjustment also allows you to set the regulator as the supply pressure varies, which is especially important when working with a low-pressure compressor.

The Tri-Valve Exhaust System helps to keep the breathing system exceptionally dry under all conditions, without increasing the breathing resistance of the helmet. In addition, the helmet is also equipped with a separate Water Dump valve which is mounted on the left side.

The helmet neck ring design, first produced in 1991, allows for evenly distributed weighting of the helmet. The chrome plated machined brass helmet ring houses the latch catches and provides protection for the bottom end of the helmet. The diver is also provided with an internally adjustable chin support. This support, along with the adjustable neck pad on the locking collar, gives the diver a comfortable, secure, custom fit.

The SuperLite 27B is Commercially Rated and has been tested and certified to meet or exceed all requirements for all governing agencies. It is certified for use in all diving operations world wide.

Kirby Morgan Superlite 17C Helmet

Posted by Grahamne Muir

For the diver that demands the rigorously tested, best selling larger shell of the Kirby Morgan 37 coupled with the versatility of mounting brackets and port side cheek weight, the SuperLite 17C is the ideal fit.

It features fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced shell. The Quad-Valve exhaust system, which retrofits to most previous Kirby Morgan Helmets, has less breathing resistance than the older single valve exhaust while providing an extremely dry hat. This system is recommended for diving in biologically contaminated water.

The SuperFlow regulator is a proven design that provides excellent breathing characteristics over a wide range of depths. The SuperFlow 350 is standard on this helmet.

The Helmet Shell is hand laid up glass fiber reinforced thermal setting polyester (fiberglass) with carbon fiber reinforcement at key points for added durability. It is light and highly impact resistant, and provides a heat/cold barrier as well as being an excellent electrical nonconductor. Kirby Morgan has over 50 years experience in composite laminations.

Kirby Morgan Superlite 17B Helmet

Posted by Grahamne Muir

The fully tested SuperLite 17B Commercial Diver’s Helmet set the working standard for the commercial diving industry worldwide.

Many thousands of underwater hours have proved the design to be dependable, comfortable, extremely rugged, and is Commercial Rated and CE certified. The SuperLite 17B has been tested and certified to meet or exceed all requirements for all governing agencies. It is certified for use in diving operations worldwide.

The helmet system consists of two pieces: the neck dam-yoke and the helmet. The diver slips on the angled neck dam with the attached yoke. The neck clamp is then slipped onto the helmet and locked. The locking system not only seals the neck dam to the helmet but also secures the front of the yoke.

The Kirby Morgan 17B also includes the Quad-Valve Exhaust System which retrofits to many of the Helmets. It is recommended for diving in biologically contaminated water, when you’re properly trained and qualified, using recommended procedures. This new exhaust has exceptionally low exhalation resistance that you must experience to appreciate. The new SuperLite 17A/B Helmet Retainer (chin strap) along with the new SuperLite 17A/B Yoke Retainer (yoke strap) make it virtually impossible to have the hat come loose. These upgrades are standard on all new SuperLite 17B helmets and will retrofit to all previous SuperLite 17 A/B Helmets.

The Side Block Assembly is standard in the B configuration, receiving the umbilical over the shoulder.  The SuperLite 17B offers comprehensive head protection, an adjustable demand breathing system for gas economy, anti-flooding features, rapid emplacement, a neck dam clamp that mechanically breaks a low-pressure lock, and a trim to fit angled neck dam which seats the helmet comfortably, especially when working in the face down position. The pull pin neck clamp release provides a system for prevention of accidental helmet removal.

Kirby Morgan 77 Helmet

Posted by Grahamne Muir

For the diver who wants an all metal helmet, the new stainless steel Kirby Morgan® 77 helmet is the way to go.

It features an all stainless version of our Rex regulator, as well as a stainless sideblock, helmet ring, bent tube, handle, and other key components. The RexQuad Valve Exhaust System is standard on this helmet.

The advanced regulator pod on this helmet will soon allow the Kirby Morgan 77 to be outfitted with other Kirby Morgan regulators, including the SuperFlow 350 or the all stainless steel SuperFlow 450. The pod will make it possible to customize the helmet with the regulator you want as job requirements change.

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