Survival Kit, Bell

Survival Kit, Bell


The Divex Bell Survival Kit is for use in Diving Bells, Hyperbaric Lifeboats and Underwater Welding Habitats in the event of a ‘lost bell’ or emergency situation.

It provides a ‘safe haven’ for the diver offering thermal protection and gas conditioning. Most major International Diving Contractors have installed the Divex Bell Survival Kit to their dive systems.

Pack No 1 – Insulation
The Diver’s Insulation System consists of a special survival bag and thick undersuit, both designed and tested for use in helium environments.

Pack No 2 – Hardware
This pack contains a carbon dioxide scrubber/thermal regenerator assembly, a ration and water pack and sanitary bags. The system contains a passive, lung power CO system. Exhaled gases are passed through the CO fitted into the survival bag wall. Fresh gas is taken from the bell environment through the thermal regenerator to the oral nasal. Dead space is reduced to 0.05 litre.

Pack No 2 – (HCU)
For use within a hyperbaric lifeboat or rescue chamber. This pack contains the hardware from the Standard Pack 2 minus the rations. It is contained within a satchel which contains foam protection.

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