Gauge, Dive Dynamics Contents

Gauge, Dive Dynamics Contents


Dive Dynamics Contents Gauge: A time-proven and robust 0-450 Bar large scale contents gauge with luminous face and 0-50 Bar orange coloured ‘low contents’ zone. This economic product is supplied complete with gauge protector cover (with lanyard hole), swivel fitting at the gauge-to-hose connection, a 31”/790mm rubber hose with a 7/16” UNF ‘O’ ring regulator fitting (with flow restrictor). Rated to 50 msw.

Divex Deep Contents Gauge: A unique specially designed pressure resistant case and lens makes this gauge suitable for  mixed-gas diving – other manufacturer’s contents gauges are only rated for use in the air range (up to 50 msw/165 fsw). The gauge is 45 mm wide, ranging to 0-450 Bar with a red 50 Bar ‘low contents’ zone on the luminous dial.

The Divex Deep Contents Gauge is in use by most of the world’s leading saturation diving companies. For economy reasons the assemblies are sold separately, allowing for spares support. The HP hose (order code PO30870) is 32”/810mm in length, fitted with a hose protector at both ends and has the standard 7/16” UNF male ‘O’ ring fitting at the regulator.

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In 2015 James Fisher Defence and Divex merged to form JFD.

Today, JFD serves customers in 81 countries across six continents.

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