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COBRA is a back-mounted emergency breathing system which provides life support in the event of primary breathing system failure. It is a semi closed circuit design which provides far greater duration than that of the open-circuit bail-out systems.

COBRA provides significant safety advantages to commercial saturation diving activities:

Offline Positive pressure

Maintains breathing lop integruty during rapid ascent. A Rotowink positive pressure indicator provides visual assurance of breathing lopp integrity.

Warmth & Hydration

Rebreathed gas is warm and humid. maintaining divers' core temperature and reducing dehydration.

Simple activation

COBRA is activated, and de-activated, with a single turn on the helmet.

Fully Enclosed

Protection of the breathing circuit is maximised by COBRA's fully enclosed design/

Optimum Scrubbing Duration

COBRA's pre-heated CO2 scrubbing system maximises CO2 absorption duration.

Rapid Recharge

Scrubber and gas supply are quickly recharged, ready for their next deployment.

Technical Specification


  • Depth171 mm
  • Width398 mm
  • Height519 mm
  • Weight (dry)26.1 kg
  • Bouyancu-3.5 kg


  • Maximum Ascent30 msw/min
  • Maximum Descent30 msw/min
  • Offline Loop Positive Pressure+ 40 mbar
  • Maximum450 msw
  • Operational Temperature - Seawater+1 C to + 34 C
  • Operational Temperature - freshwater+1 C to + 34 C
  • Storage Temperature-30 C to + 70 C
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  • Scrubber Capacity2 kg
  • Scrubber Medium797 Sodalime (8-12 mesh)
  • Cylinder Capacity2 x 2 litre composite 30 bar
  • Cylinder Medium100% Oxygen <6 msw (training) Heliox>6 msw
  • Counterlung5 litres
Training at NHC

Training at NHC

National Hyperbaric Centre provides comprehensive COBRA training courses. Operators of Divex transfer course; whilst operators new to Divex bailout systems will benifit from the complete COBRA training course.

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SLS upgarde options

SLS upgarde options

A number of routes exist for existing operators of Divex SLS bailour rebreathers to upgrade their existing equipment in a phased manner. Exisiting operators of SLS should contact us to discuss options for upgrading to COBRA

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Watch COBRA in action during manned trials at National Hyperbaric Centre.



View, Download and print a PDS copy of the COBRA Brochure



Explore procurement and leasing options for COBRA in this downloadable PDF.


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