Arvest Harness MK5

Arvest Harness MK5


The Arvest harness was designed to enable one harness to be donned by the diver instead of the four separate items previously required: recovery harness, bail-out bottle harness, tool harness, and weight belt. This “waistcoat-style” harness distributes the load evenly around the body and will support a fully kitted diver securely and with comfort.

The three recovery points (one on each shoulder, and one centre chest) ensure that the diver may be rescued in the event of an injury. Weight pockets accept between 6lb & 8lb of lead, and bail-out cylinder attachment is either with a lace-up sleeve or Kampac backpack.

The bell divers harness with four non-ditchable weight pockets each able to hold 6lbs of lead.

The surface divers harness with quick release weight pockets allowing rapid dropping of weights in the case of an emergency. Two versions of cylinder holder are available – one with a lace-up holder allowing fitment of cylinders with diameters ranging from 4” to 9” diameter, the other with a Kampac quick release backpack.

The Arvest Harness Mk5 is four harnesses in one.  It’s tested and approved in accordance with PPE Directive (CE Certified) and distributes load evenly over the body.

The harness is extremely comfortable to wear and has Bell Diver and Surface Diver options.

NOTE: Due to new IMCA guidelines, diver harnesses have been assigned a shelf life of 10 years regardless of use and for in service harnesses a validity period of 5 years.  As a result all Divex Arvest Mk4 and Mk5 harnesses, post 2010, have been labelled to show date of manufacture, in service date, out of service date and serial number.

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