Bauer Bauer Poseidon VE-VSE Range

Bauer Poseidon VE-VSE Range


The VE range excels through its excellent capacity rates of up to 680 l/min. The effective noise reduction of the super silent version allows its use in noise sensitive environments.
Automatic Operation
Highest operational safety is achieved by equipping the units with a robust and easy-to-use control in combination with an automatic condensate drain.

  • An automatic start/stop device controls the independent switching on/off of the compressor.
  • For maximum convenience, condensate from all inter stage separators and the final separator is automatically removed by the automatic condensate drain duringoperation as well as during switching onand off the compressor unit.
  • An indicator lamp signals low oil pressure and warns immediately should the compressor block rotate in the wrong
  • Hour counter for reading off the pending maintenance and service intervals.Robust Compressor Block Maximum efficiency due to heavy duty compressor blocks meant for continuous operation.
  • Low thermal load on the 4-and 5-stage compressors guarantees maximum life time of the unit, even under the harshest ambient conditions.
  • Tempered cylinders with special plateau honing as well as wear and tear-free high-tech polymer piston rings in the final stage minimize oil consumption and wear off.
  • Robust low pressure oil pump with oil filter for extended life time and oil change intervals.
  • Indestructible industrial roller bearings suitable for continuous operation during 30,000 operating hours and more.
  • Corrosion resistant intermediate and final coolers made of stainless steel. Noise Reduction (optional) For use in particularly noise-sensitive environments.
  • Super silent operation with less than 70 dB(A)* due to high absorbent special insulation materials in and efficient noise reducing construction of the “super silent” cabinet.
    * (+/- 2 dB(A), measured at the distance of 1 metre)

Pure Breathing Air through the Bauer P-System
For a reliable supply with breathing air, with higher purity than required by the strict breathing air standards DIN EN 12021.

  • Our genuine cartridges safely remove humidity and pollutants from the com pressed air.
  • The filter housings made of special alloys are designed for pressures up to 500 bar and for thousands of load cycles. Fastidious all-embracing production monitoring from the raw material up to the finished vessel guarantees highest safety.

Securus Provides Safety (optional)

The patented filter monitoring system continuously controls the saturation of the filter cartridge.

  • Automatic shut-down of the unit after warning for upcoming filter saturation, provides compliance with the directives of the EN 12021 breathing air standards.
  • Securus assures economical plant operation, thanks to a sophisticated sensor techniques, the filter cartridge can be used until its complete saturation.

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