Helipure Membrane Gas Separation System

Helipure Membrane Gas Separation System


Membrane Separation Technology although fluid separation using permeable membranes is an established technique for liquid purification, similar systems have only recently been developed for the separation of mixed gases. These systems have mainly been used within large industrial complexes for the  separation of natural gas. Divex developed this technique to produce a compact, low cost unit for the purification of helium to compliment its existing range of gas management systems for the commercial diving industry. This has now been significantly improved by incorporating new technology acquired by Divex.

Operational Scope: During normal diving operations Helium is reclaimed from the diving complex using the Gaspure system. This routes Helium vented from equipment locks, bell de-pressurisations, etc. to a gas bag. When the gas bag is filled, gas is pumped to High Pressure Storage via a Divex HP Compressor and filtration system.

A single storage tube within the ship’s gas storage system is normally dedicated to receive this reclaimed Helium and this gradually fills over a period of days. In the past, there has been a problem in re-using this gas due to the fact that it contains significant quantities of air (typically 5% to10%).

The Helipure system allows this air to be removed and the gas to be safely reused within the dive complex. The build up of nitrogen can affect decompression and oxygen removal enables the gas to be readied for deeper diving.

The Helipure is used periodically, in conjunction with the gas bag, compressor and filtration package of the Gaspure system. Dirty gas (Helium with air) is decanted for the Gaspure storage tube through the Helipure system where the air is removed. It is then passed to the gas bag from where the compressor recompresses the now clean gas and passes it through the filtration package.

After this the gas can be routed into an empty, clean storage tube for subsequent re-use within the dive system. It should be noted that a gas analysis should be carried out on this cleaned gas before re-use to ensure the oxygen is within usable limits.

Helipure Performance: Due to the number of variables, individual cases require detailed modelling, but typically in a single pass nitrogen will be reduced to one third and oxygen to three quarters of their original concentrations.

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