The new Hyperlite is truly innovative, quick deployment, first aid medical equipment.  The product of newly developed technology manufactured using modern high performance fibre materials to their best advantage.

Like a hyperbaric chamber it provides 100% oxygen on demand through a BIBS mask or hood when pressurised with air and is suitable for use anywhere from diving sites, remote locations, war zones, medical centres and ‘on the move’ in aircraft, helicopters, boats, submarines, ambulances or other road vehicles.

The overriding advantage of the Hyperlite is its lightness, ability to fold and versatility; a very significant benefit where inaccessibility, inclement conditions and/or other dangers may be present at an accident site.  Treatment starts right there, with final resolution likely to be some way away, where specialist hands-on medical support is available.

Hygrometer, HAAR

Hygrometer, HAAR

Economical hygrometer mounted within a plastic casing. Range 0-100%, 0-60OC. This hygrometer can withstand rough handling and should not need recalibration during its years of service.

hygrometer M&T

hygrometer M&T

A reliable and accurate unit for checking relative humidity (20% to 100% RH) and temperatures (20OF to 120OF or -10OC to 50OC). Set in a chromium plated brass case with ventilation hole inside.

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