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The Mara Bell Gas Management Panel centralises all of the bell gas control requirements into a single compact assembly thus dramatically simplifying the bell layout. Divers become familiar with its unique 3D layout and can readily “feel” the controls in darkness or in an emergency. The panel provides normal and emergency gas supplies to the divers and the patented shuttle block protects each diver against loss of supply either due to failure of surface supplied gas or severance of a fellow diver’s umbilical. The panel responds automatically but visual warnings advise the bellman and diving supervisor (via the remote status panel).

The panel interfaces to the Divex Diver Gas Recovery System and complies with Department of Energy/HSE Memo 10/83 and all IMCA recommendations.

Three regulated gas supplies are provided to the shuttle block. The surface supply regulator is biased 2 Bar greater than the emergency regulators. In normal operation the upper valve of each shuttle assembly opens to allow surface gas to supply the divers.

The bellman, BIBS and emergency blow down supply, is taken from a third shuttle valve supplied with gas from either shuttle assembly.

If loss of the surface supply gas, or excessive demand occurs, as would happen with a ruptured diver umbilical,the pressure from the surface supply regulator drops below the 2 Bar bias, the upper valve of the shuttle assembly closes and the lower valve opens as the emergency regulators takes over.

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