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The Saturation Control Console has been ergonomically designed and assessed and is installed in a lined, air conditioned, purpose-built control room sited ideally adjacent to the Chamber complex.

The Chamber Control System is fitted with 0.25% accurate large format digital depth displays for each system lock and incoming HP gas regulator panel, gas analysis panel and electrical control panel. Mix 1 and 2, Heliox, helium, oxygen, and therapeutic gas are supplied in each section of the DDC control panel.

Standard Analox G22 (O2) and G30 (CO2) analysers are located in a central analysis rack in Chamber Control. The gas sample lines from each chamber are run to the Analysis Rack and are manually selected to monitor the selected chamber compartment.

The diver communications uses the latest digital Divex HeliComTM Unscramblers.

Real time audio/video monitoring will be held on hard disc with re-writable DVD recording.

The Dive Control console has been ergonomically designed and can be installed either in a dedicated control room or co-located with the saturation control panel in a separated section of the control room.

The Dive Control Console uses conventional direct control technology similar to the Chamber Control System and the console layout meets the latest ergonomic thinking which places the most commonly used video monitors in front of the Supervisor along with key operating information such as alarms and depth displays.

These bring together all the information and control functions required to safely and effectively manage the SDC operations. This includes provision of screen space built into the console for Project Information such as crane data (screen and data supplied by Client). Final Layout is determined in close consultation with client user groups.

Diver video and Diver communications are continuously recorded directly to hard disk and to DVD-HDD.

Diver video can be fed to external viewing and recording systems via matrix switching supplied as an integral part of the system.

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