Through-water Comms

Through-water Comms


The Digicom 5 Diver Through-Water Communications (DTWC) system combines ease of use with rapid deployability. The system incorporates a surface station, diver units, battery chargers, earphones and microphone assemblies, an ancilliary equipment case and an in-water transducer assembly all stored within a hard transport storage case. DTWC systems have been in service for more than a decade and enjoy a proven track record with various militaries across the world.


The complete Digicom 5 outfit with 3, 4, 5 or 6 Diver Units

  • Surface unit
  • Ancillary Items Case
  • Charging Units Case
  • Ready Use Spares
  • Transducer Assembly
  • Diver unit Adjustment Tool
  • Contents List


Nominal Range  > 6000 m in calm sea 1000 m in sea state 6 on Channel B

Acoustic Output power 0 watts PEP (peak envelope power) on Channel A

Response 300-4000 Hz

Receiver Sensitivity 110 dBv

Automatic Gain Control 120 dB dynamic range

Adjustment Controls 2-turn level controls located on the upper housing


  • Channel A 28.5 kHz Lower Sideband
  • Channel B 32.768 kHz Upper Sideband

Battery Life (C03007 Lithium Battery) 4 hours assuming 10% transmit time

Transducer Piezoelectric

Earphone Ceramic type

Maximum Depth 100 msw (transceiver)

Operating Temperature 0C to 60C

Storage Temperature 0C to 60C

Housing Dimensions Height 8.75″ Width 4.5″ Depth 2.5″




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