HTU 2/3

HTU 2/3




The HYOX Hyperbaric Therapy Unit HTU 2 is specifically designed as a cost effective, stand alone therapy system for the treatment of non critical patients.

The HTU 2 is pressurized with air and is capable of treatment pressures of up to 2 ATA (14.7 psig).

The patient breathes 100% oxygen through an oral nasal mask or hood.  There are three options to administer oxygen / air to the BIBS: Standard System, Hospital System and Remote Panel System.

It can be used in almost any location without the need for structural modifications or special facilities.  The pressure hull is designed and constructed in accordance with UK standard BS 5500 and the system is certified by Lloyds Register.

The HTU 2 needs only a domestic power supply and oxygen to become full operational making it highly suited to use in:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Medical Centres
  • Outpatients
  • Health / Day Centres
  • Single / Group Therapy Unit



The HTU 3 is a similar unit as the HTU 2 however it is capable of treatment pressures of up to 3 ATA (Atmospheres Absolute), 29.4 psig).

A breakthrough in cost effective patient care, the HTU 3 provides potential for clinical and financial benefits including:
  • Improvement in limb salvage and reduction in rehabilitation prosthesis costs
  • Earlier transfer to outpatient status
  • Non evasive painless therapy
  • No requirement for removal of dressing
  • Reduction in chronic wound care cost
  • Improves success rates for grafts, flaps and implants thus reducing costs of recall surgery
  • Reduction in hospitalisation costs

The compact external dimensions of both the HTU 2 and the HTU 3 are achieved by utilising a unique hull and door mechanism.  They are the only chambers in the world that in the unlikely emergency scenario that the operator collapsed, the patient can vent the chamber and get themselves out.

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