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    Sub SEAL vehicles are primarily launched from a hangar attached to the casing of a submarine and are released whilst fully submerged, at depths up to 30m.

    Example applications for a Sub SEAL include:

    • Delivery of six-man combat team
    • Host platform for littoral survey package
    • Electronic warfare or reconnaisance platform
    • Port & estuary security
    • Mine countermeasure operations

    Modular Design

    Sub SEAL has been designed for rapid mission-specific re-configuration through the change-out of modular sections.

    The following are examples of some of the many configurations available in support of the mission-types described above

    • Swimmer Delivery Configuration – Carries six EOD or Special Ops personnel plus equipment
    • Surveillance Package Configuration – Telescopic mast with high-resolution sensor suite, recording & comms
    • Littoral Survey Configuration – Side-scan sonar package mounted externally to Sub SEAL


    Deployment & Recovery Options

    Sub SEAL may be deployed from a surface ship. JFD can provide Launch & Recovery Systems to meet customer requirements.

    Medium-lift rotary wing aircraft are suitable for the insertion and extraction of an under-slung Sub SEAL vehicle.

    Propulsion & Control

    Power is provided by Lithium Polymer batteries and a vectored-thruster arrangement, affording sprint speeds of greater than seven knots and a range of 96km.

    SINC System

    The Steering Information Navigation Control (SINC) system is common to all vehicles in The SEAL Pod.

    SINC manages course, heading and way-point navigation, GPS, communications and reconnaissance equipment.

    Dry Deck Shelter Integration

    Sub SEAL’s primary method of insertion & extraction is via a submarine-attached Dry Deck Shelter. Sub SEAL may remain completely submerged and undetected throughout a mission.

    Maintenance, mission-configuration and preparation takes place at one atmosphere inside the DDS during the transit phases to, and from, the area of operation.

     For more information about integration with a new or existing Dry Deck Shelter, please contact us.

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