Atmosphere Sampler

Atmosphere Sampler


Atmosphere Sampler and Distressed Submarine Ventilation & Decompression System (DSVDS) are both important components of a comprehensive intervention spread.

Atmosphere Sampler

JFD’s Atmosphere Sampler is a simple, reliable and compact intervention tool for sampling the atmosphere and pressure parameters within a Distressed Submarine (DISSUB). It is used prior to mating with a rescue vehicle, or attempting salvage, in situations where communications cannot be established with the DISSUB and the atmosphere cannot be verified.

In these situations, prior to mating with a rescue vehicle or attempting salvage, a sample of the internal atmosphere may be taken via the DISSUB’s High Salvage Point and used to inform Command decision making:

  • Lightweight universal mounting for many ROVs
  • Simple in operation
  • Connects to a DISSUB’s High Salvage Point or ventilation connection
  • Flushes pipework system prior to collection of sample
  • Maintains a safe pressure boundary on completion
  • Retains ability to connect further equipment without compromising hull integrity.


Atmosphere Sampler fitted to an IROV being deployed by LARS during HATs, April 2010.


JFD’s DSVDS provides breathable air from the surface to the DISSUB to maintain safe O2 and CO2 levels, flush contaminated atmosphere, or to manage internal pressure.

By monitoring, controlling and maintaining a DISSUB’s atmosphere parameters using these systems, prior to rescue, the likelihood of a safe and successful rescue is significantly increased.

JFD’s DSVDS system can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • Stabilise conditions on the DISSUB prior to rescue
  • Begin decompression within DISSUB
  • Control and reduce DISSUB internal pressure to enable escape
  • Provide additional air to evacuate water prior to salvage or recovery.

Key Particulars

  • Fully containerised and optimised for deployment by land, air and sea.
  • Designed for rapid deployment to Vessels of Opportunity.
  • Control and reduce DISSUB internal pressure to enable escape.
  • Provide additional air to evacuate water prior to salvage or recovery.
  • Suited for use with DP2 capable vessels, or in three or four-point mooring configurations.
  • Operable in conditions up to Sea State 5.


The Control Valve Module of JFD’s Atmosphere Sampler fitted to the HSP of a target during SATs, April 2010.

Interface Packs

JFD can provide interface adapter kits for STANAG 1450 compliant and nation-specific ventilation connections or High Salvage Points enabling the equipment described above to be used with submarines from most nations. For maximum compatibility, JFD can provide a set of adapters in a single self-contained Peli case for ease of transportation.

JFD are the sole-suppliers of UK-type HSP connectors which have the advantage of being operable by ROV.


Atmosphere Sampler Cylinder Module showing cylinders, subsea gauges and ROV-operable control valves.


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