intervention ROV

intervention ROV


In recent years, JFD has provided our customers across the globe with everything from complete mine clearance services to specialist tooling for a variety of vehicles. In Australia and Singapore we provide Intervention ROV services as part of our Submarine Rescue contracts.

For existing ROV’s, JFD are able to provide specialist tooling to allow a vehicle to be used for the delivery of Emergency Life Support Stores, for debris removal, and for survey operations.

For those seeking to procure a new ROV system, JFD’s many years of experience can assist with asking the right questions, and making the right decisions – vital to ensure that the capability of the resulting system matches the actual operational requirements of the vehicle.


Fly away Intervention ROV

In the submarine rescue environment, reducing the Time to First Intervention is a critical part of any rescue effort. Perfecting the balance between capability and transportability is key. That’s why JFD have developed an extremely portable IROV system – a design which is continuously refined through years of operational experience.

JFD’s latest ROV designs, take up as little as 30 square meters of deck space and is transportable in a C17, B747, or Antonov AN-124.

Launch & Recovery Systems for Remotely Operated Vehicles

JFD has many years’ experience of operating, maintaining and deploying Remotely Operated Vehicles and their associated Launch & Recovery Systems.

As the purpose of an Intervention ROV System is to augment life-support onboard stricken submarines during the early stage of a rescue, minimising the Time to First Intervention is of vital importance. JFD considers all aspects of the LARS (A-Frame, Winch, Sheave & Powerpack) to provide a balance between portability and capability.

In 2005, JFD mobilised the ROV assets of the UK Submarine Rescue Service to Kamchatka, Russia in order to rescue the seven submariners onboard the AS-28 Priz submersible. Find out more about the rescue.



JFD’s ROV Systems are assembled, tested and commissioned under the watchful eye of Lloyd’s Register.


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In 2015 James Fisher Defence and Divex merged to form JFD.

Today, JFD serves customers in 81 countries across six continents.

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