Submarine Rescue Bell

Submarine Rescue Bell


JFD’s Submarine Rescue Bell makes for a great entry into Submarine Rescue, and is especially suited to rescue scenarios involving small mating angles and low currents.

McCann Bell Philosophy

Our Submarine Rescue Bell design is based on the proven McCann bell philosophy, examples of which have been in service with several Navies for a number of decades.

JFD’s Submarine Rescue bell is suitable for rescues from depths of 300m and Transfer Under Pressure operations at up to 5 bar gauge.


The Rescue Bell is designed to be rapidly deployable in the event of an emergency. The Bell and associated equipment (winch and umbilical) have been designed to be rapidly mobilised by land and air. Once on deck, the system can be rescue ready in a matter of hours.


Typical Technical Specification

Principal Particulars

  • Length – 2500mm max
  • Width – 2500mm max
  • Height – 3500mm
  • In air weight – <7000kg

Rescue Capability

  • Operating Depth – up to 300msw
  • Maximum Sea State – SS3
  • Max Capcity (weight or payload) – 450kg

Design Standards

  • Lloyds Register – Lloyd’s Regulations for Classification of 
  • PD5500 – PD5500:2006 Specification for Unfired Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels
  • STANAG – Standard NATO Agreement 1297

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