Inflatable Freeboard Extender

Inflatable Freeboard Extender


Inflatable Freeboard Extender (IFE) improves safety during surface abandonment in poor weather by preventing sea water ingress through the hatches.

IFE has been made available to suit three scenarios:


Retro-Fit IFE

JFD’s Engineering Team designed IFE from the ground up to be retrofitted with ease.

The system, which installs into a submarine’s LET, includes its own 15 litre High Pressure air supply and is inherently independent of all onboard systems.

IFE for New Build Submarines

In 2010 JFD delivered DSAR-6 to the Republic of Singapore. DSAR-6 is now operated from a dedicated rescue mother-ship, “Swift Rescue.”

Find out more about Swift Rescue by clicking here.

IFE for Submersibles

Finally, a version of IFE has been designed to allow egress from the access hatches of a surfaced submersible

IFE Brochure


Inflatable Freeboard Extender – Trials

JFD and Ballonfabrik trials of Inflatable Freeboard Extender aboard a Royal Navy Vanguard Class Submarine. The IFE allows the hatches of the submarine to be opened even whilst in rough seas.

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In 2015 James Fisher Defence and Divex merged to form JFD.

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