Poseidon Regulators Course TR013

Poseidon Regulators Course TR013


Standard Daily Programme
Arrive at approximately 08:30 hrs to commence instruction at 09:00 hrs (30 minutes for lunch) and complete at 16:00 hrs.

Who We Are
Our training manager and instructors are senior Divex technicians with experience from within the global diving industry, ensuring relevance and familiarity with the latest equipment, technology and safety legislation. Divex has established many courses covering the operation and maintenance of its products and where appropriate, are endorsed by manufacturers.

Course design has originated from using the Systems Approach to Training and is continuously enhanced by customer and client feedback.

Our Training Aim
To provide our customers worldwide with the best training after purchasing our products.

Your Requirement
To provide us with your experience in order to ensure that the course we provide is suitable for you.

Training Objectives
The training objectives for this course are:

  • Introduce the product and technical documentation.
  • Discuss the products performance and limitations.
  • Identify design servicing requirements.
  • Discuss and practice operational procedures.
  • Discuss and practice maintenance routines.
  • Diagnosis equipment fault finding.
  • Identify availability of spare parts.
  • Discuss and practice corrective maintenance.

End of Course Assessment
The instructor will:

  • Continually asses the candidates throughout the course to ensure that their practical and theoretical knowledge is sufficient to use and maintain the equipment.
  • Administer a practical and written test to asses the attendees retained knowledge.
  • Issue a written assessment.  The written test is a multiple choice test paper with clearly outlined right and wrong answers.

Award of Certification
Upon successful completion we provide you with a certificate valid for 3 years and like our present list of customers and clients, we hope you will return to us for renewal.  This renewal provides us, you and our clients the knowledge and confidence that standards remain consistent.

Pass / Fail / Re-test Procedure
All Divex courses require a 75% pass rate in both practical and written exams.  Should a candidate fail to meet this requirement, a second exam at the instructor’s discretion may be undertaken.  Divex will provide all candidates with every opportunity to achieve the required level.

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In 2015 James Fisher Defence and Divex merged to form JFD.

Today, JFD serves customers in 81 countries across six continents.

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