Equipment Update & Refit

Equipment Update & Refit


JFD can offer clients a complete solution for the upgrade and refit of complex subsea equipment. Our Design, Manufacture, Testing and Commissioning capabilities allow us to deliver a bespoke engineering programme within short timescales; if necessary this work can be carried out at one of our operational bases around the world, at the client’s site, or even onboard ship, to minimise or eliminate operation impact.

Examples of recent refits and upgrades include:

  • ROVs and Support Equipment.
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.
  • A-Frames and Cranes.
  • Decompression and Diving Systems.
  • Submersibles.

Case Study: URF 12 year Lifetime Extension

In 2011 JFD was awarded an £11m contract to extend the service life of the Swedish Navy’s Submarine Rescue Vehicle, URF. The comprehensive refit and upgrade includes the refurbishment or replacement of all of URF’s systems, including the propulsion systems, control, navigation and comms, trim and ballast, HP air, and electrical distribution. The refit will be conducted within a six month window at our Underwater Projects Office in the UK, minimising disruption to the Swedish Navy’s submarine fleet.

Case Study: Singapore Navy Decompression Chamber Refit

In 2009 JFD refurbished two mothballed decompression chambers for use in the new Singapore Submarine Rescue Decompression System. The chambers were refitted from the ground up to retrospectively bring them into class with Lloyd’s Register. The refit included substantial remedial works to the pressure hull to repair existing corrosion, and the fitting of comprehensive air conditioning and fire fighting systems to meet the latest commercial regulations.

Case Study: LR5K Upgrade

In 2008 JFD upgraded the Republic of Korea Navy’s Submarine Rescue Vehicle, LR5K. The upgrade included replacement of the existing GRP mating skirt for a new, all-steel design and the design and installation of new control and navigation equipment which included joystick control, subsea instrumentation and an auto-depth / auto-altitude function.

Case Study: Spanish Navy ROV Upgrade

In 2007 JFD carried out a major upgrade to the Spanish Navy’s Scorpion 3 Intervention ROV onboard the submarine support vessel Neptuno. The ROV was outfitted with an array of JFD’s bespoke Intervention tooling, including a new ELSS Pod Handling arm and wire cutter. In order to achieve this the hydraulic system was substantially updated to include a new, dedicated auxiliary valve pack for driving the tooling, along with corresponding controls. The entire scope was carried out onboard ship in Cartagena in order to ensure that the ROV’s operational readiness remained unaffected.

Other Specific Examples

In addition, JFD has refitted and upgraded a wide range of other marine equipment including;

  • Perry Slingsby ROVs
  • SMD A-Frames
  • AMETEK Straza ROVs
  • Caley Ocean Systems A-frames
  • Submersible Vehicle LR5

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In 2015 James Fisher Defence and Divex merged to form JFD.

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