Offshore Operations Training

Offshore Operations Training


Submersible Pilot Training

The same skilled people who operated our DSAR 500 Class and LR5 rescue submersibles are responsible for providing training courses for budding crew. Training courses take place in the classroom and beneath the waves.

Pilot competency is of paramount importance, that’s why we recommend a 4-6 month program for new pilots.



Pilot Training School – Australia

JFD has established a new Submersible Pilot Training School attached to our operating base in Henderson, Western Australia. Lead by one of JFD’s experienced Instructors, the school provides a focus for the training of all JFD’s pilots operating different submersibles around the world, as well as our customers. The Submersible Pilot Training School boasts excellent waterside facilities, including the ability to mobilise an A-Frame to the quayside to simulate full at sea launch and recovery evolutions.


ROV Training

ROVs are used for many differing tasks. From Submarine Intervention to Mine Recovery, a ROV Operator needs to be skilled in his job and clear of head.

Our ROV Operators will use a mixture of classroom and field based lessons to bring a new pilot to qualification in four months.

Maintenance Training

Keeping a vehicle or equipment in service and well-maintained is another critical component in any operation. The job of the maintainer is to ensure the systems are ready for operation when needed. By working alongside JFD’s maintainers, the skills, foresight and best-practice operations are learnt by the trainee Maintainer.

Training Manuals

Great learning materials play an important part of the learning process. JFD’s pilots produce Training Manuals that are easy to follow, role-focussed and based on real operational experience.

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In 2015 James Fisher Defence and Divex merged to form JFD.

Today, JFD serves customers in 81 countries across six continents.

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