Integrated SDC

Integrated SDC


Divex Submersible Diving Chambers (SDC) are designed to deploy 3 divers, with diver one and two’s umbilical’s housed within the SDC. They are also designed to withstand both internal and external pressure to 300 MSW and has a design temperature of -18 deg to +66 deg.

With two standard designs of either 6m3 (Ø9m) or 7m3 (Ø2.0m) bottom doors are all Ø800mm. Available in side mate or bottom mate design and typically with double acting bayonet doors.

Each SDC is of “sinker” design without releasable ballast or attachment points.

Divex has an approved tertiary recovery method back to the TUP to provide a truly independent emergency recovery without resorting to buoyant ascent. This does involve the use of the ships crane, light work class ROV and ROV hot stab emergency umbilical.

The bottom door is a double acting castellated design with hydraulic actuation.

The bell is equipped with a Mara 3-diver distribution panel for diver gas supply, DH21 Heaters and scrubbers for emergency life support, and LP-20 lights. Externally the SDC is fitted with a Divex emergency battery pack and Aquabeam 500w external lighting.

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In 2015 James Fisher Defence and Divex merged to form JFD.

Today, JFD serves customers in 81 countries across six continents.

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